Laura Ceresna-Chaturvedi

Laura Ceresna-Chaturvedi (Msc. International Development Studies) has lived in India and researched working conditions in both the garment and electronics sector from 2010 to 2016.

Since July 2016 she is working as Urgent Appeals Coordinator for Clean Clothes Campaign Germany fighting for the empowerment of garment workers in production countries and taking action on concrete cases of violations of the rights of these workers.


The Clean Clothes Campaign believes it is the government’s duty and the responsibility of brands to ensure that the rights of manufacturing workers in global supply chains are respected and implemented. Consumers need to be aware of current production patterns and the real price of fast fashion: poverty wages, unsafe factories, no freedom of association and excessive working hours. Consumers need to demand brands to produce fashion in an ethical and fair manner. Voluntary business initiatives have dramatically failed in the past and the negligence and non-compliance to national laws and international labour rights and safety standards has led to the most horrific catastrophes in the textile industry. Therefore, we lobby for legislation to protect workers’ rights and hold companies accountable for their impact on working conditions in the garment sector.

The problem is a production pattern that is based on the exploitation of labour. This can only be changed if all stakeholders work together. Governments must implement labour laws and safety regulations to which business need to comply. Non-compliance should have consequences both in the host as well as the home country of the company. Consumers need to demonstrate the demand for fair and ethical fashion and change individual consumption patterns.

Laura Ceresna-Chaturvedi