Bi-Annual German Conference of Geography

Geographies of Dissociation: The Social Construction of Value in the global fur industry

2 Ocotober 2015, Berlin
Oliver Ibert, Martin Hess, Jana M. Kleibert, Felix C. Müller and Dominic Power


4th Global Conference on Economic Geography

Geographies of Dissociation and the Creation of Value: A Research Agenda

21 August 2015, Oxford
Oliver Ibert, Martin Hess and Dominic Power


International Workshops


24th of August 2015
University of Manchester, Dept. of Geography
Arthur Lewis Building, Boardroom

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(Inter-)disciplinary perspectives on practices of valuation

25th November 2016, University of Uppsala, Stockholm
Local Organizer: Dominic Power
Co-Organizers: Martin Hess and Oliver Ibert

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